Original Abstract and Impressionist Watercolor Artist and Poet M. Joyce Athey

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Click to go to the Gallery and see this painting - Festive Robes - An Original Abstract Watercolor Painting by M. Joyce Athey

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Welcome to the Works of M. Joyce Athey click here to go to the Welcome center View the Gallery where you can enjoy Joyce's original abstract watercolor paintings and so much more! Check out what's going on at M. Joyce Athey .com Discover more about M. Joyce Athey, abstract watercolor artist, painter, and poet Get in touch and stay in touch at www.mjoyceathey.com
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"I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings in your poetry. Your work speaks to my heart and my understanding of faith and relationships at many levels.” Dayton, OH


"Just back from sabbatical, and now seeing Cathedrals of the Heart, I wish to send one to each of my 7 support group members. We shared every night together. Very strongly into personal and spiritual development, I think this book to be the right gift for remembering me." Pastor Jane Halpern Falls Church, VA


"Thank you for that beautiful book, Cathedrals of the Heart. It is so apparent that the Holy Spirit was at work in you because in no other way could so much beauty be in 187 pages.  I thank God for your gift." Trudy Schaefer, Valparaiso, IL


"This book is a feast for the eyes and inspiration for the heart.  It is a beautiful combination of visual art and poetry.    Many people are gifted authors or gifted artists.  Ms. Athey is both." Frieda, LaCrosse, WI


"In the Cradle of my Palm" has stayed in my mind since 2005. It speaks of peace and security to me and calms my spirit. What a beautiful book! Even the feel of the paper is beautiful! I am excited to finally have something of your work in our home." Jenera, OH



"My four year old granddaughter loves the pictures and uses the book as her song book for when she conducts church services for herself in our living room. She picks out your book as her favorite book to use. In
Cathedrals of the Heart is a treasured gift.  Our 9 year old granddaughter was here and opened it while I unloaded groceries. She said, 'Nana this is really a cool book.  Can I read it when you're done?'  She loves to read and loves poetry. I told her it was a very special book to me and told her of our similar circumstances with cancer and healing prayers."


"Courtney, age nine, asked if we could read some of Joyce's book.  I immediately felt drawn to it. After each page we would talk about it.  I was amazed at her questions which told me she understood.  It opened up communication between us, giving me ability to tell her how wonderful God was in taking care of me.   What a joy this book has become." Linda


“Thank you for your very wonderful book. I am impressed with your imparted wisdom through your art and truthful words. They have touched my heart.” Marjie in WI


"Joyce shares her creativity with us.  The art very often reminds one of stained glass with its color, form, motion and storytelling." LaCrosse, WI


"Our church is commissioning a Stephen Minister before she departs to Kenya to do mission work. I have been sharing your book." OH


Sunday Sunrise


Book Signing Exhibit at Resurrection Lutheran, Cocoa Beach, FL


St. Matthews


Art Reception at St. Matthews


Holy Trinity


Holy Love Aurora, CO

"I have been sharing your book with Stephen Ministers and my care receiver whose husband died of a brain tumor. The section a "Time to Mourn" is meaningful, beautiful and reality." Columbia City, IN

M. Joyce Athey book Cathedrals of the Heart is a book of poetry by an artist writing inspiration for church services. poetry, artist, cathedrals of the heart, M. Joyce Athey writing, book, song book, church service